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Please Note: This website is currently under construction.

The Supporting Pregnancy Food and Nutrition Security (SPooNS) project is about exploring how living in Denmark’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods, particularly its so-called ghetto neighbourhoods, affects pregnancy health experiences, pregnancy food security and nutrition, and pregnancy outcomes.  SPOONS is also about bringing pregnant women and new mothers together through group discussions and meetings to share their voices and ideas about how to make being pregnant in these neighbourhoods as healthy and supportive as possible. We're focusing our attention right now on Gellerup in Aarhus, but we're planning on expanding to other vulnerable neighbourhoods in Aarhus and maybe in other cities in Denmark over the next 1.5 years.


If you're currently pregnant and/or you've been pregnant in the last 3 years, or if you're the partner of someone who is pregnant and/or has given birth in the last 3 years, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


If any of these apply to you and you haven't already had a chance to respond to our anonymous survey, we'd love it if you'd take 5 mins to fill it out! If you've already responded but are interested in being interviewed or just want to know more about our research, please send us an email.    


Our vision is to build community, engagement, and mutual support between pregnant people/new mothers, by bringing them together to exchange ideas and to collectively advocate for what is most needed in their neighbourhoods, households, and lives. Our focus is on pregnant people living with food insecurity and other forms of vulnerability in Denmark's most marginalized neighborhoods, starting with Gellerup, Aarhus. 

"We believe that SPooNS is examining an intriguing and undiscovered phenomenon needs to be explored" 

- A SPooNS collaborater and stakeholder

"It sometimes really can be difficult to make ends meet financially in our household, but my neighbour does not experience the same"

- A SPooNS informant living in Gellerup

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